Gubernatorial Debate Shows Kitzhaber has Experience and Plan to Protect Oregon’s Environment While Creating Jobs

Dudley’s Debate Performance Reveals Lack of Environmental Vision or Specific Plans

Portland, OR: Chris Dudley couldn’t name one place in Oregon he’d protect from development when asked in the first, and possibly only, gubernatorial debate of the 2010 general election. Dudley also showed little interest in ideas to create jobs across Oregon in home weatherization and energy efficiency, and didn’t offer any specific plans on how to proactively address the man-made causes of global warming.

‘It’s shocking that Dudley couldn’t think of one place in all of Oregon that shouldn’t be developed. He demonstrated a surprising lack of knowledge and concern about development and land use in Oregon when given a chance to talk about it,’ said Wes Kempfer, Chair of the Sierra Club’s Oregon Chapter.  ‘Places like Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge, the Metolius River, the Coast, and places across Oregon’s deserts and forests would naturally jump to most Oregonians’ minds as needing protection from inappropriate sprawl and development. This is a reminder of why John Kitzhaber’s proven leadership in protecting Oregon’s land, air, water and wildlife is a key factor in this race.’

Kitzhaber promoted his plan to create jobs across the state by weatherizing Oregon’s schools, homes and businesses and reducing energy use and costs through conservation. ‘Kitzhaber’s plan will create good paying jobs across Oregon, strengthen our economy, and protect our environment. We can count on Kitzhaber to be a good steward of Oregon’s natural legacy,’ said Kempfer.

PORTLAND-9/30/10- Democrat John Kitzhaber (right) and Republican Chris Dudley, Oregon gubernatorial candidates, debated for the first time Thursday night. Michael Lloyd/The Oregonian

‘Tonight’s debate is a clear reminder that John Kitzhaber has both a successful record and a clear plan for the future to strengthen Oregon’s economy and create jobs while protecting and enhancing our state’s environment and quality of life,’ said Christine Lewis, the Sierra Club’s Oregon political chair. ‘Chris Dudley and the special interests behind him clearly have no plan to protect our environment. Under their leadership, Oregon’s natural legacy would be under the greatest threat in a generation.’

Dudley has had months to develop articulate plans on how he will protect Oregon’s environment. The Sierra Club was a lead sponsor of the only major debate among gubernatorial candidates on environmental issues during the May primary. Chris Dudley was the only major candidate from either party to skip the debate, and has been reluctant to answer questions publicly about the environment since that time.

In tonight’s debate, Dudley revealed a surprising lack of vision relating to Oregon values like protecting special places from development. Dudley offered no specific plans to develop clean energy or create jobs through energy conservation, leaving the impression that he just doesn’t get the urgency of addressing the human causes of global warming, or have any plans to encourage Oregon’s growing green jobs sector.

‘It’s clear that Chris Dudley would take Oregon backwards on the environment. Instead of protecting Oregon’s clean air and water, Dudley will be beholden to special interests and polluters who want to rollback protections for our forests, farmland, coastal areas and rivers,’ added Kempfer.

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  2. Gwen Hadland says:

    I totally support clean energy, conservation measures in every avenue, whether oil consumption, forest usage, marine biology & conservation measures insured,
    I totally endorse & wish in every way possible to conserve all of our natural resources not only for ourselves, but for future generations

    I’d also be very interested in any possible ability to achieve alternative
    energy…… i.e. Solar, wind, etc.)

    Thank you for being my Governor!!

  3. Gwen Hadland says:

    Thank you for supporting clean energy, natural resources, & so much more!
    I thank & support you!… & hope you will do the same for those of us that
    are totally self-employed, & even tho of “elderly”…. supposed benefits….
    are listening……

    …. to those of us that work tirelessly to survive…. even tho well past
    “retirement” age…… who need not only to keep a roof over our heads, but
    also need to somehow know we won’t lose the “roof” over our very survival!!
    ….. at least for me…. it is & has been the absolute payment for the duplex that I “own”…… via Wells Fargo!!…….

    ….& @ 68 yrs old…… & worked a lifetime….. not easily willing to just give up my “roof”……

    ….. & would in a second give whatever I could to have solar power….. &

    Thank you for listening!!!

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