Willamette River Revival

With unseasonably hot temperatures in Portland, lots of people are taking to the Willamette River for recreation and relief.

Although the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality states that it “is safe for swimming and other recreational uses” except when combined sewer overflow conditions are present, the portion of the river from the Broadway Bridge to Sauvie Island is a Superfund site that is currently under review for clean up by the EPA.

Read the pdf report here: WRR-newsletter-1-draft6

Willamette Blog Post

Years of industrial use have polluted the river with heavy metals and other toxins that have settled in the sediment and endanger fish and wildlife. The pollution is a serious risk for communities that have traditionally fished in the river.

Portland Harbor Community Coalition (PHCC) and others have been working to help communities get access to information about the clean up, give input on the EPA’s plans, and share stories about why the river is important to everyone. Read the latest bulletin from the PHCC and the Portland Harbor Community Advisory Group to learn more about the EPA plan and how you can get involved:And help the PHCC celebrate the progress and vision for a clean and healthy river at the Willamette River Revival party this weekend at Cathedral Park.


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