I’m Andy Maggi, the new Chapter Director of your Sierra Club here in Oregon. Its an honor to have this opportunity to introduce myself. A little over a month ago I was honored to be chosen for this position. You, like me, know just how important the Sierra Club is when it comes to protecting public health, our wild places, fighting polluters, and leading the fight to curb climate change. You know the history and record of victories that make the Sierra Club a leader in the national environmental movement. That’s a legacy hard to pass up being a part of, and one that I take seriously. You can visit our website to see my full biography, but I come to the Club with a deep commitment to the issues and values you’ve already been working to forward. I’ve worked years fighting for and electing candidates who share those priorities and want to see real progress when it comes to protecting public health, the environment, and curbing green house gas emissions.

There isn’t enough room here to tell you all of my ideas and hopes for my time as Oregon Chapter Director, but to put it as simply as I can – I believe we will do great things together.

With supporters like you, committed volunteers, and a legacy of environmental protection, we can accomplish a lot right here in Oregon. Whether we meet on the trail at one of the Chapter’s outings, at a table talking to the public about our priorities, on the phone getting new volunteers engaged with our work, or at a training I look forward to working with you. I’m excited about the opportunities we have at the Chapter and excited to meet you soon.

In the meantime, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.


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