You can determine the fate of Oregon’s Environment and Wild Places!

Your gift directly to the Oregon Chapter today guarantees that 100%

of your contribution will make a difference right here in Oregon!

Dear Sierra Club Supporter,

Waldo Lake - Brian Pasko Photography

Your generous donation to the Oregon Chapter can help us protect places like Waldo Lake, Oregon’s second largest lake and one of the three purest water bodies in the world.  Your gift to the Oregon Chapter is a guaranteed investment in the future of Oregon’s environment and public lands.Dear Sierra Club Supporter,

You play a critical role in protecting Oregon’s environment! Today you have an important opportunity to make a donation directly to the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club and ensure that 100% of your donation will support the Sierra Club’s efforts right here in Oregon.

The Oregon Chapter has only one month each year to reach out for our annual fundraising appeal. We rely on your donation each year to continue our important work. Please consider a generous gift to the Oregon Chapter today!

The Sierra Club in Oregon has a tremendous record of success and your donation today will be a guaranteed investment toward the future of the Oregon’s environment and public lands! During this past year, the Oregon Sierra Club’s volunteers and staff secured important conservation victories for Oregon:

  • Sea planes and motor boats on Waldo Lake—BANNED!
  • A new designation to protect critical state forest habitat—SECURED!
  • Plans to build coal export terminals at the Port of Coos Bay and Port of St. Helens—DEFEATED!
  •  An industry-backed attempt to roll back Oregon’s leading renewable energy policies —THWARTED!
  •  Legislation that sought to harm wolves and cougars —BLOCKED!
  •  Thousands of engaged citizens who care about Oregon’s environment and energy future – MOBILIZED!

Your donation to the Oregon Chapter today will help will help us continue our efforts to protect Oregon’s environment and public lands in the coming year, including the Sierra Club’s work to:

  • protect Oregon’s wild forest and high deserts,
  • stop proposals to export coal, natural gas, and oil overseas using Oregon’s rail lines and ports, and
  • advance policies and programs that will dramatically increase Oregon’s use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

And, while conservation victories are important, that isn’t all we’re doing! In 2013 Sierra Club volunteers led hundreds of outings in Oregon. We’re also investing in new outreach tools to bolster our conservation work and engage the next generation of Sierra Club supporters. Check out our website and like us on Facebook to see what is coming up. Sign up for ouraction alerts and monthly e-mail newsletter.  Get involved!

I’m not writing this to someone else─this message is to you. Someone who enjoys all the beautiful things our state has to offer and shares our vision for an even better Oregon─a vision of clear skies, old growth forests, free-flowing salmon-filled streams, and wide open vistas. If you like what we’ve been doing and want us to be able to keep making Oregon a better place to live and explore, please consider a donation to the Oregon Chapter today. We need your support!

Thank you. We can’t do what we do without you.






Brian Pasko,
Director Oregon Chapter Sierra Club

P.S. Would you please consider a monthly contribution to the Oregon Chapter? A gift of just $10/month will help provide the financial stability we need to continue our work in Oregon.But, no matter how you choose to give, every dollar counts, and your support is tremendously appreciated. Please help us continue our work to protect Oregon’s air, water, and precious public lands.

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