Tell the Oregon Water Resources Department that LNG exports are not in the public interest!

The Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club has been very active in its opposition to the proposed LNG export facility in Warrenton, Oregon. Now LNG tankerwe have yet another reason to be concerned about this boondoggle: the Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) is currently considering an application by Oregon LNG to use millions of gallons of Oregon’s water each day to export U.S. natural gas.

The Oregon LNG proposal would take water from Oregon’s Skipanon and Columbia Rivers to process and ship massive quantities of gas to high-priced overseas markets. It is unacceptable for our public resources – including millions of gallons of Oregon’s water each day – to be appropriated for Oregon LNG’s new energy export scheme.

OWRD has the authority to deny Oregon LNG’s water rights applications because LNG export is not in the public interest. Take action by October 17 to let the agency know that you are opposed to these proposals.

Unfortunately, OWRD has not made it easy for citizens to comment on these proposals and you will need to cut and paste some of the suggested comments below (or create your own!) and submit them through OWRD’s website or mail them in. See below for comment submission instructions.

Suggested Comments

  • The LNG export terminal would pose significant public health and safety risks. Oregonians should not be exposed to the danger of fires and explosions from pipelines, tanker ships, and LNG tanks at the terminal.
  • The LNG terminal and associated facilities would impair the recovery of threatened and endangered salmon and steelhead. The in‐water construction work and dredging proposed at the terminal would damage important shallow‐water habitat for juvenile salmon.
  • Exporting natural gas overseas would increase energy costs for Oregon families and businesses by decreasing the supply of natural gas available for heating and power generation. Making electricity and natural gas more expensive for Oregonians and Oregon businesses is detrimental to the public interest.
  • The LNG export terminal could also place a massive new load on Oregon’s power grid, a cost that could ultimately be passed on to Oregon’s many electricity  users.
  • Air emissions from proposed LNG export terminal and associated activities would degrade local air quality and harm human health. Air quality impacts come  from gas flares at the terminal, diesel exhaust, construction dust, and a myriad of other sources.

Please submit your comments before October 17, either in writing by postal mail or by visiting OWRD’s website. However you comment, include your name and address, and state that you are commenting on water right permit applications “S‐87920” and “S‐87921.”

1. Mail comments to:
Oregon Water Resources Department
725 Summer Street NE, Ste. A
Salem, OR 97301

2. Submit comments using the “Public Comment Tool” on Oregon Department of Water Resources’ website (make sure to submit comments on both applications):

– To comment on Oregon LNG’s application for water from the Skipanon River for fire suppression (“Application S‐87921”), go here:
– To comment on Oregon LNG’s application for water from the Columbia River Estuary for cooling water (“Application S‐87920”), go here:

Thank you very much!

One Response to Tell the Oregon Water Resources Department that LNG exports are not in the public interest!

  1. Ginger Babin says:

    I can’t believe it! Just because we live on the West-Coast between two “so-called” intellectual states, they think that Oregonians are a bunch of hicks, and will fall for anything!


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