Half Time at the State Capitol

The Oregon State Capitol in Salem.

The Oregon State Capitol in Salem.

On April 18, the Oregon legislature reached its first deadline to move bills out of committee. The Sierra Club continues to track, analyze, and advocate for bills that impact the environment. Below is a list of our top legislative priorities that are still alive following the April 18 deadline.

If you would like to take action on any of these bills, please contact your legislators and let them hear your opinions. You can locate your legislators here: http://www.leg.state.or.us/findlegsltr/

 Bills we support:

  •  House Bill 2893 – Solar Resource Value – This bill creates a modest expansion of Oregon’s existing solar pilot project to aid commercial solar installations and also requires the Public Utilities Commission to conduct a detailed study of opportunities to advance solar installation in Oregon.
  • Senate Bill 602 – Waldo Lake Motor Ban – This bill adds Waldo Lake to the list of non-motorized lakes in Oregon, protecting the lake from pollution and the spread of invasive species, and also ensuring peaceful recreation for those who paddle, camp, hike, and watch for wildlife at Waldo Lake.
  • Senate Bill 488 – Clean Fuels Program – This bill extends Oregon’s standards for reducing the amount of carbon in transportation fuels, currently set to expire in 2014. The Clean Fuels Program plays an important role in helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • House Bill 2105 – Energy Facility Siting – This bill authorizes a study on the siting of energy facilities.
  • Senate Bill 401 – State Scenic Waterways – This bill expands the State Scenic Waterways program by designating additional rivers and creeks as scenic waterways. This designation would prohibit suction dredge mining on these rivers.
  • Senate Bill 692 – Electronic Appliance Efficiency – This bill establishes minimum efficiency requirements for electronics such as televisions, batteries, refrigerators, and freezers.
  • Senate Bill 840 – Water Use Efficiency – This bill requires efficient water use for fixtures such as toilets, showers, and faucets.
  • Senate Bill 844 – Voluntary Carbon Reduction – This bill directs the Public Utility Commission to establish a voluntary greenhouse gas emission reduction program to incentivize investment in emissions reductions.
  • Senate Bill 306 – Carbon Tax Study – This bill will authorize a study on the implementation of a carbon tax.
  • House Bill 2319 – GMO Crops Bill – This bill allows the Department of Agriculture to take measures to prevent the spreading of genetically engineered material to adjacent agricultural tracts.
  • House Bill 2427 – GMO/Canola Bill – This bill prohibits the growing of canola within the Willamette Valley.
  • House Bill 2820 – Energy Facility Siting – This bill modifies the definition of energy facilities and the maximum size of solar facilities for purposes of Energy Facility Siting Council-issued site certificates.

Bills we oppose:

  •  House Bill 3086 – Off-Site Sage Grouse Mitigation – This bill would make it easier to take actions affecting sage grouse habitat with offsite mitigation measures.
  •  House Bill 3098 – Young Life Ranch Expansion – This bill authorizes the owners of the Young Life Washington Family Ranch to develop 4,000 acres of land, exempted from land use regulations.
  •  Senate Joint Memorial Resolution 10 – O&C Lands Resolution – This resolution urges Congress to assign a board consisting of local governments, timber industry representatives, and environmental organizations the right to manage Oregon & California Railroad grant lands.
  •  Senate Bill 633 – GMO Bill – This bill prohibits local measures seeking to regulate agriculture by enacting anti-GMO requirements.
  •  House Bill 2624 – Cougar Bill – This bill allows the hunting of cougars and bears with dogs under certain conditions.
  •  House Bill 3452 – Wolf Bill – This bill allows for wolves to be killed without a permit under certain conditions.

 Bills we are closely monitoring for any substantive changes:

 Senate Bill 357 – Oregon Department of Forestry Study Bill – Requires Oregon Department of Forestry to study and develop recommendations on the pace and scale of federal forest management projects and potential state and local funding for federal projects.

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