2013 Legislative Session – Bill Tracker

The Oregon State Capitol in Salem.

The Oregon State Capitol in Salem.

The 2013 Oregon Legislative Session is in full swing, and Sierra Club staff are closely tracking proposed bills and meeting with legislators in Salem to advocate for preservation of Oregon’s pristine wilderness, wildlife protection, and clean, renewable energy.

The following is a list of some of the environment and energy related bills that have been introduced in the 2013 Oregon Legislative Session, along with the Sierra Club’s position on those bills.

Click here for more information about these bills and their current status.

Bill Number Description Position
SB 357 Mandates forests to be cut at 90% of annual production levels. Oppose
HB 2893 Require utilities to pay for unused distributed solar energy generated by homes and businesses. Support
SB 242 Revises Energy Performance Standards to further discourage use of coal. Support
SB 602 Adds Waldo Lake to list of non-motorized lakes in Oregon. Support
HB 2800 Interstate 5 bridge replacement program. Oppose
SB 401 Expands State Scenic Waterways program to discourage suction dredge mining on Oregon rivers. Support
HB 2624 Allows conditional exemption of counties from prohibitions against cougar hunting with dogs. Oppose
HB 3086 Allows private entities to take actions affecting sage grouse habitat with offsite mitigation measures. Oppose
HB 2106, HB 2105 Authorizes Energy Facility Siting Council studies. Support
HB 2939 Requires comparative energy usage disclosure program. Support
HB 2791/SB 488 Extends Oregon’s standards for reducing amount of carbon in transportation fuels. Support
SB 77 Limits right to appeal land use decisions. Oppose
SJR 22 Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to establish procedure for requiring legislative review of administrative rules. Oppose
SB 251 Expedites approval process for development plans. Oppose
SJM 6 Local management of O&C Lands. Oppose
HB 2027 Requires agency assistance regarding nonlethal options to reduce conflict between humans and wildlife. Support
HB 2319 Prevents spreading of genetically engineered material to nearby property used for farming practices. Support
HB 2427 Prohibits raising canola within Willamette Valley. Support
SB 249 Clarifies use of certain moneys in Clean Diesel Engine Fund. Support
HB 2793 Requires energy performance scores for residential buildings. Support
HB 2497 Imposes carbon tax. Support
SB 537 Convenes work group to implement carbon tax. Support
HB 3162 Toxics disclosure for children’s products. Support
HB 2032 Ppayments for off-site compensatory mitigation. Support
HB 2202 Prohibits conditional approval of mining permits for mining of some exclusive farm use-zoned lands. Support
HB 2249 Establishes Willamette River Basin Bonneville Power
Administration Stewardship Fund.
HB 2253 PSU to issue population studies to guide land use decisions. Support
HB 2254 Urban growth boundary depends on population growth in small cities. Support
HB 2256 Requires local government that expands urban growth boundary to cause renegotiation, as necessary, of urban service agreements. Support
HB 2258 Authorizes and implements water banking. Support
HB 2259 Increases certain fees charged by Water Resources Department. Support
HB 2284 Requires Oregon Business Development Department to establish and administer Oregon Industrial Site Readiness Program. Support
HB 2291 Authorizes study of rural renewable energy development zones. Support
HB 2472 Tax credit for renewable energy resource equipment. Support
HB 2694 Requires study on wave energy. Support
SB 354 Authorizes issuance of bonds for development of transmission capacity for wave energy. Support
HB 2310 Authorizes multimodal transportation funds. Support
HB 2324 Voluntary contributions for livestock safety and wildlife protection programs. Support
HB 2396 Adds large woody debris to definition of ‘material’ for
purposes of removal-fill provisions.
HB 2516 Allows moneys in Watershed Conservation Funds to be used for educating
students about native fish or wildlife habitats, watersheds or ecosystems.
HB 2658 Tax credits for creating jobs for removal and remedial actions. Support
HB 2659 Authorizes brownfields study. Support
HB 2715 Authorizes counties to establish control areas for commodities containing genetically engineered material. Support
HB 2726 Requires agency assistance regarding nonlethal options to reduce conflict between humans and wildlife. Support
HB 5048 Modifies OWEB budget. Support
SB 117 Approves beverage container redemption centers. Support
SB 196 Allows partnership between State Parks and Recreation Department and nonprofit organizations. Support
SB 217 Imposes annual management fee on water rights. Support
SB 247 Creates Alternative Mode Transportation Fund. Support
SB 476 Requires agencies to prepare environmental impact statements
before approving applications.
HB 3364 Amends list of state agencies and public universities required
to adopt integrated pest management practices.
HB 2420 Requires identification of source of communication in support
of or in opposition to candidate or measure.
HB 2725 Off-road permits for ATV’s issued in form of identification plate rather than decal. Support
SB 331 Increases percentage of moneys distributed for maintenance of
county parks.
HB 2393 Allows slaughtering, processing and selling poultry on land zoned for exclusive farm use. Support
HB 2285 Requires Oregon Business Development Department to establish
and administer Oregon Industrial Site Readiness Program.
SB 474 Lists raccoon as potentially habituated wildlife. Support
HB 2435 Biodiesel containing percentage of used cooking oil is excempt from fuel tax. Support
HB 2736 Exempts farmer from liability for inadvertently having or using genetically engineered seeds or plants. Support
HB 2820 Requires study of solar siting issues. Support
SB 116 Creates task force to study shipping/transport of aquatic invasive species. Support
SB 199 Expands means for acquisition of existing water rights for conversion to in-stream water right. Support
SB 462 Restricts location of compost facilities. Oppose
HB 3098 Authorizes owners of Young Life Washington Family Ranch to
develop expansion area, exempted from state land use rules.
SB 336 Alters standing requirements for cases involving land use regulations. Oppose
SB 5511 Allocates money for Columbia River Gorge Commission budget. Support
SB 844 Establishes voluntary greenhouse gas emission reduction program. Support
SB 845 Exempts some land use decisions from appeal. Oppose
SB 838 Prohibits certain mining operations using motorized equipment. Support
SJM 10 Urges Congress to transfer management of O&C Lands to local government. Oppose
HB 3476 Prohibits importation of genetically engineered fish into Oregon. Support
HB 3469 Establishes fund for protection of wild bird species. Support
HB 3452 Describes circumstances in which gray wolves may be taken. Oppose
HB 3492 Reduces use of toxic substances and generation of hazardous waste. Support
HJR 16 Proposes Constitutional right to hunt, fish, and trap wildlife in Oregon. Oppose

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