Get Energy Efficient with the Sierra Club! – Rebates until November 30.

Is you home too drafty or stuffy?  Too cold in the winter?  Too hot in summer? If so, it is also wasting energy!  A  “home energy remodel”  can transform your home into a safe, high-performing, energy efficient home that wraps your family in comfort.

And if that’s not enough, what if we told you that you could get up to a $2000 rebate to have your “home energy remodel” performed by highly trained union laborers — all while creating new “green jobs” right here in Oregon?  

Well you can!

In an innovative partnership that helps create green jobs while protecting the environment, the Sierra Club is working with Clean Energy Works Oregon and Weatherize for Good to make Home Energy Remodels easy and affordable. By taking advantage of this program by November 30, 2012, substantial rebates of up to $2000 are available.

Click here to apply using the instant rebate code COHRA012 to reserve up to $2,000 in rebates.

Why a Home Energy Remodel?

Even the best heating system can’t compete with walls that leak like a sieve. So instead of focusing on just one trouble spot, such as windows, the Home Energy Remodel takes a whole-house approach to upgrading your home. That way, all components work together as a high-performance system. The result? Consistent temperatures throughout rooms, healthier indoor air quality, effective humidity control, greater comfort, and cost savings.

You’ll love how a Home Energy Remodel makes you feel – safer, healthier, warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and more comfortable at home than ever before.

A Home Energy Remodel from Clean Energy Works Oregon offers:

  • Certified Contractors trained in home energy efficiency
  • No guesswork with a FREE Home Energy Assessment worth $500
  • Multiple energy upgrades in one stop: insulation, windows, heating systems and more in one convenient project
  • Independent inspection to ensure your energy upgrades perform as promised

Apply now with Instant Rebate code: COHRA012. Or, call toll-free at 1-855-870-0049.

Why is Sierra Club working with Clean Energy Works Oregon & Weatherize for Good?

  • Clean Energy Works Oregon is a non-profit you can count on to deliver a more comfortable and energy efficient home. No-money-down financing and exclusive Instant Rebates make transforming your home through multiple energy upgrades affordable. Clean Energy Works brings together Certified Contractors trained in Home Energy Efficiency, a FREE Home Energy Assessment worth $500 to pinpoint areas of energy waste, multiple energy upgrades in one stop, and an independent inspection to ensure your energy upgrades perform as promised.
  • Weatherize for Good is a coalition of labor and community groups working with Clean Energy Works Oregon to insure contractors offer additional benefits to a locally hired and well-trained workforce. For each Home Energy Remodel completed using rebate code COHRA012, Weatherize for Good will make a donation to the Sierra Club.

Does my house qualify for Clean Energy Works? Eligible homes must be single-family, owner-occupied, detached, and built before 1993.

Not eligible for Clean Energy Works but still interested? Visit or call 503-893-9240 and we’ll connect you with a contractor and still give back to Sierra Club.

Act now before current rebates expire! Current rebates of up to $2,000 are set to expire November 30, 2012. Save yours by applying today with Instant Rebate code: COHRA012!

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