Sierra Club Endorses Jefferson Smith for Portland Mayor

Statement of Nancy Hatch, Chair of the Political Committee of the Columbia Group Sierra Club

“The Sierra Club has endorsed Jefferson Smith for Mayor of Portland. During our endorsement process, Smith stood out for his strong environmental vision, history of environmental leadership, and as Mayor, someone we believe will be a champion of environmental issues important to Portlanders.”

“Smith’s leadership on issues like coal export, transportation, and environmental justice, and his history of working with progressive grassroots organizations like the Sierra Club to galvanize people into action, helped make the difference to secure our full support.”

“Portland needs to be a leader in protecting clean air, clean water, the climate, and quality of life for everyone. While both Smith and Hales bring environmental credentials to the race, the Sierra Club believes Jefferson Smith brings a clearer environmental vision and a stronger ability to mobilize people to action that will help keep Portland a great place to live, work, and raise a family.”

“Jefferson’s environmental leadership in the legislature also stood out, including co-leading the effort to pass legislation to expand school weatherization programs to save energy, protect the climate, and create jobs; his willingness to ask tough questions about the Columbia River Crossing bridge expansion; and his efforts on complex issues of water use and conservation.”

“As Portland faces significant new environmental challenges with climate change, the export of dirty coal through our community, new development pressures that threaten urban wildlife habitat and open space, and the need to hold corporations that have polluted our air and water responsible, the Sierra Club believes Jefferson Smith will be best suited to lead Portland towards a greener, cleaner and more prosperous future.”

“In making this decision, Sierra Club members began looking carefully at the major candidates during the May primary, reviewing questionnaires, conducting candidate interviews, and co-hosting the only Mayoral debate to date specifically focused on the environment. We commend Charlie Hales for his strong showing throughout the endorsement process. Both candidates have shown support for the Sierra Club’s priorities, but we believe Smith is the candidate with the vision and energy necessary to lead on Portland’s biggest environmental challenges. ”

The Sierra Club is Oregon’s largest member-run conservation organization, with over 7500 members represented by the Sierra Club’s Columbia Group.

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