Join is for Waldo Lake Weekend!

You’re invited to a weekend campout at Waldo Lake Shadow Bay Campground, August 24 – 26! This will be a nature feast of towering trees, wildflowers, campfires and marshmallows, and lakes with names like Bobby, Betty, Frog, Hidden and Found. There will be treks to mountain tops and shorter trails, too. Swim, float or watch waves lap in Waldo Lake. The campout offers you a chance to stretch your legs in nature’s wilds and to see why we’ve come to love Waldo.

Just 72 miles from Eugene and 93 miles south of Bend, the Waldo-Maiden Peak area offers wonderful recreation and a haven of wildlife habitat in old growth forests, pretty much the way it all was when Lewis and Clark came through Oregon. Realizing this area south and east of Waldo Lake is a real treasure worthy of preservation, the Oregon Chapter’s Eastside Forest Committee has mounted a campaign to protect it above and beyond its federal forest status. To find out more, see our Keep Waldo Wild web page.

Reserve your Shadow Bay campsite by going to the Waldo Weekend Campout web page. Register by email, phone, or by using the automated signup form there. The cost is only $10 per person or $20 per vehicle (two or more people) for Friday and Saturday nights. Payment can be made by mailing us a check or by credit card.

Don’t miss this fun-for-all weekend with old and new Sierra Club friends! Make your reservation today.

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