Old Growth Trail Hike

Hikers pose near the rootballs of 3 huge fallen trees next to the Old Growth Trail. Photo by Mike Neeley-Brown

by Julie Arrington, Marys Peak Group (MPG) Outings Leader and Executive Committee member

How do you determine the length of a fallen tree when you don’t have a tape measure? Thirteen hikers learned that by forming a human chain with their arms outstretched alongside a downed tree, they could make a good estimate. The tree in question was 37 “arm widths” long which is about 220 feet.

The Old Growth Trail in McDonald Forest shared many delights with the hikers. Moss, lichens and ferns made bright green the dominant color. One giant maple extended its branches full of ferns over the trail. Woodpeckers had drilled large holes in many of the older trees. The recent snowfalls had knocked down a few trees and left a huge pile of branches in one of the streams we crossed.

A hike along the Old Growth Trail is always a treat.

The Marys Peak Group of the Sierra Club (Corvallis/Salem area) has a diverse outings program, from easy local hikes to multi-day backpacks, check out their calendar for upcoming outings: http://oregon.sierraclub.org/groups/marys_peak/events/


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