Big Coal Eyes Oregon – Oregonians Fight Back

Big coal companies are eying Oregon. With coal fired power plants closing across the Northwest and nation due to public demand for cleaner energy, big coal companies want to export the dirty fossil fuel to fast-growing countries in Asia were environmental standards are far lower than in the U.S.

In 2011, the Port of St. Helens along the Columbia River, and the Port of Coos Bay on the southern Oregon Coast, revealed they were in confidential negotiations with unnamed coal companies seeking to export tens of millions of tons of coal to Asia. The Ports have kept the plans secret for months.

But things have been heating up recently. In late December, the Oregon Department of State Lands approved a controversial dredging in north spit of Coos Bay necessary for huge ships that export coal and liquefied natural gas (LNG). On January 18, a coalition of conservation groups and local citizens appealed the decision, arguing that the dredging would cause significant harm to water quality in Coos Bay, and that environmental and public health impacts of exporting LNG and coal were never considered. Read the coalition press release.

Meanwhile, the Port of St. Helens has announced a public meeting to hear from two companies vying to build a coal export terminal on the Columbia River. This is in addition to a coal export terminal proposed for the Washington side of the river in Longview, and another in Bellingham, WA. Read the press release on St. Helens’ coal export plans.

The Sierra Club is fighting multiple coal export plans in the Pacific Northwest as well as plans to export LNG.

One Response to Big Coal Eyes Oregon – Oregonians Fight Back

  1. Baby Boomer 52 says:

    So after we have sold all our Coal and all of our Natural Gas to Asia ( or highest bidder), we truly will be dependent on the Arab Nations….Let us mine here in America responsibly, and manage our natural resources responsibly, and stop buying oil from the Middle East! Let us use Alaska, Canada, Texas etc we have fine resources right here in North America!
    Honestly, It has been a war all about oil, we have lost our sons and daughters by the thousands…
    When we cannot cook and stay warm in America, where will we turn?
    Who will step up and help us?
    Lets develop more solar, water power, and wind,while reducing the permitting fees and red tape, and make it more affordable to go Green!
    We have answers if we will look for them….
    Baby Boomer 52

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