Conservation Group Praises Work to Protect Oregon’s Environment

[Portland]: The Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club today announced its endorsement of Suzanne Bonamici (D) in the January 31, 2012 special election in Oregon’s First Congressional District.

“We are very pleased to announce today that the Sierra Club officially endorses Suzanne Bonamici for Congress,” said Christine Lewis, the Oregon Chapter Political Chair. “She has a strong track record on environmental issues, and we are confident that she will continue work to protect Oregon’s environment and natural resources in Congress, for our families and for our future.”

Suzanne Bonamici’s record as a State Representative and State Senator is one of distinction amongst environmental champions. A stalwart supporter of renewable energy, alternative transportation, healthy communities, and sustainable planning, she made her mark as chief sponsor of 2009’s SB 637, working with a broad group of stakeholders for over a year to pass legislation requiring school districts to adopt Integrated Pest Management, protecting school children from toxic pesticide exposure and improving air and water quality on school grounds.

“We are deeply grateful to Suzanne for her work protecting children in Oregon schools from dangerous toxins”, said Borden Beck, chair of the Oregon Chapter Sierra Club and a middle school teacher.”She is a true environmental champion who will fight to protect Oregon’s clean air, clean water and special places.”

The Sierra Club also noted Bonamici’s record on opposing a provision in legislation in 2011 to expedite permitting of liquefied natural gas (LNG) pipelines. Two separate LNG terminals and hundreds of miles of pipeline have been proposed for the first Congressional District in recent years, posing a major threat to small farms, orchards, forests, and dozens of rivers and streams along the way. New plans to export LNG could ultimately harm Oregon families and businesses by raising energy costs. “Suzanne has taken bold stands in support of small farmers, small woodlot owners, and Oregon’s rivers and streams, working hard to stop efforts to expedite harmful LNG export pipelines,” said Lewis.

The Sierra Club also noted that Rob Cornilles failed to respond to the request from the Sierra Club to answer questions about his stances on several key environmental issues important to First Congressional District voters. The Sierra Club engaged in an endorsement process during the special primary and multiple candidates participated. “The conclusion we drew is that Rob Cornilles simply does not see the importance of protecting Oregon’s environment, and has no plan to create green jobs, grow sustainable economic development, or stand up to his own party’s constant attacks on clean air and clean water,” said Lewis.

Along with the endorsement, the Sierra Club will lend volunteer strength to the Bonamici campaign, drawing on thousands of members who reside in the district.

“We pledge to do all we can to help ensure Suzanne Bonamici is elected to Congress,” added Beck. ” Sierra Club volunteers will contact voters on her behalf, knock on doors, and speak to the public about her exemplary environmental record. We look forward to a victory party for the environment on election night and to many more years of Suzanne fighting for the environment as a member of Congress.”

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