Oregon’s wolf population: Agency puts politics ahead of conservation

By Steve Pedery and Brian Pasko 

In The Oregonian’s Sept. 27 editorial “Howls aside, stick to the wolf plan,” the editors supported the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s decision to kill two of the four surviving wolves of the Imnaha Pack, arguing that if no one is happy, it must be the right call.

Given that Oregon’s endangered wolf population has plummeted from 21 to 12 in a single year and this decision would functionally exterminate Oregon’s first wolf pack, the editors’ argument just doesn’t hold water.

The choice made by the Department of Fish and Wildlife to issue the kill orders, and Gov. John Kitzhaber’s support for this verdict, put politics ahead of conservation and ignored the will of the overwhelming majority of Oregonians, who flooded the department’s offices with calls and emails.

Click here to read the full opinion editorial on oregonlive.com.


One Response to Oregon’s wolf population: Agency puts politics ahead of conservation

  1. toni pocaro says:

    Face it folks there’s just to damn many of us and we’re over running the planet. We have lost the ability to understand our place on the planet.Indeed there are some of our species who would tell you they know better than nature! Our species has only been here a short while and we’ve managed to out breed, and out kill every other species. While some may revel in being top predator I grieve for the loss of all the marvelous things that the earth has to offer.If we as a species continue to make decisions dominating and erradicating all other species (no matter how large or small) we will sow the seeds of our own destruction.

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