Eastern Oregon Wolf Tracking – Sign up Now!

Oregon’s struggling wolf pack has made the news a lot this summer, and the Sierra Club is pleased to offer our members and supporters a chance to learn from Sierra Club volunteer and professional tracker, David Stowe, and possibly experience these amazing animals in the wild.

WHAT: Wolf Tracking in Eastern Oregon!
WHEN: September 22-25, 2011
WHERE: TBD by the Wolves!
COST: $575 (includes meals and local transportation)

On this trip we’ll be following one of Oregon’s wolf packs, looking for tracks, scat, kill sites, and other wolf signs each day. Participants should expect to hike 3-5 (easy to moderate) miles each day.  At night, we will car camp in the area that the wolves are frequenting and howl for wolves in the evenings, which is an amazing experience when the wolves respond.

Local experts, government agency staff, and members of the Nez Perce Tribe will assist in locating the pack and share their perspectives about Oregon’s wolves.  We’ll also examine the effects that grazing and herbivores have on the landscape and learn about the beneficial effects wolves can play in restoring balance to the ecosystem.

Participants must provide their own transportation to Joseph, Oregon and gear for car camping and day hikes. On Thursday, participants will arrive in Joseph for an orientation at 3pm.  Dinner will be at 6pm, and then we will head out to howl for wolves if time permits. On Friday and Saturday, David Stowe and other staff will lead field hikes looking for wolf sign and pointing out tracks and sign of the other animals in the area including bear, coyote, bobcat, elk, deer, badger, snowshoe hare, and more.  On Sunday, breakfast will be served and participants will depart for home. For more information about the program and logistics, contact David Stowe at 541-633-7045 or dave@wildernesstracking.com.

Reserve your spot by paying for this trip in full by September 1, 2011 and enclosing your name and contact information.  Our trip leader will follow up with confirmed participants to seek additional information about dietary needs, medical concerns, etc.  Checks can be mailed to the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club, 1821 SE Ankeny Street, Portland OR 97214.  Payment can also be accepted by credit card by calling Joy Keen at 503-238-0442 x300.

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