Support the City of Portland’s Efforts to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags!

By Scott Chapman, Conservation Chair
Columbia Group (Portland-area), Sierra Club

Mayor Sam Adams and the Portland City Council are following through on their resolution from last year to institute a ban on single-use plastic bags if the Legislature was not able to enact a statewide ban as is now the case.

Please join us for a rally at City Hall (1221 SW 4th) at 3pm this Thursday, July 21st.  We’ll gather with other members of Portland’s environmental community to encourage the Mayor and City Council to continue to take a strong stand on this issue.  At 3:45pm we hope you’ll also attend the City Council hearing with us and show your support for the ordinance.

An estimated 100 billion checkout bags are used each year in the United States including 1.7 billion in Oregon – or roughly 444 by each person. These single-use bags are made from petroleum and take hundreds of years to breakdown. They are difficult and cost-prohibitive to recycle (less than 5% per U.S. EPA estimates), and often hinder other recycling efforts when inappropriately mixed in. As a result most end up in landfills and worse, in our streams, rivers and the ocean threatening wildlife and our food supply.

Click here to learn more about the proposed ordinance, or check our the Mayor’s video below!

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