Conservation Groups Call on State to Suspend Wolf Killing, Prioritize Recovery

In light of the recent killing of two endangered gray wolves, the Sierra Club and a large coalition of local, state, and national conservation groups today called on the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to make immediate and significant improvements in managing the state’s recovering wolf population.

In a letter submitted today to ODFW Director Roy Elicker, the eleven groups urged the agency to increase transparency, enhance outreach, prioritize non-lethal measures for reducing conflict, suspend 24 landowner kill permits, and make lethal control a truly last-resort option.

Oregon is currently home to 17 confirmed wolves and two breeding pairs. The state wildlife agency has killed four wolves in the last two years to assuage livestock industry concerns. Another died shortly after being collared by the agency in February and a sixth was killed by poachers last fall.

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