State Forest Protection Campaign Heats Up

A stand of trees proposed for clearcutting this year in the Clatsop State Forest near the Oregon Coast.

The Sierra Club’s campaign to protect Oregon’s State Forests from unsustainable logging is heating up!

At the April 29 Board of Forestry meeting, an independent science review team from Oregon State University’s Institute for Natural Resources presented their analysis of the controversial ‘species of concern’ management strategy and new ‘performance measures’ for the Tillamook and Clatstop State Forests. The species of concern strategy and new performance measures are being used to justify substantial reductions in older forest habitat across the landscape, and less protection for species.  The report was scathing, noting that the Department of Forestry consistently failed to used the ‘best available science.’

Then, on May 11 the Clatsop County Commission voted to send a letter to the Oregon Board of Forestry calling for them to use the ‘best available science’ in decision making and pressing for a more balanced approach to management in the Clatsop State Forest than what is currently in draft 10-year implementation plans the Board is considering. Because Clatsop County receives more money from logging state forests than any other county, their call or sound science and balance is a very big deal and marks a break from neighboring Tillamook County which has led the call for weakening forest protection rules along with the timber industry.

Now, the Oregon Department of Forestry is taking comments until 5pm, Wednesday, May 25 on the Annual Operations Plan and 10-year Implementation Plan for much of the Tillamook and Clatstop State Forests. These plans call for major increases in clearcutting and roadbuilding by significantly reducing protection for older forests, and as noted above, the science behind these plans has been harshly criticized by an independent science review. It’s time to send these plans back to the drawing board.

Comments are due no later than 5 pm, Wednesday, May 25. Please send in your comments TODAY by clicking here.

Read the six-page comments submitted by the Sierra Club and seven other conservation organizations by clicking here.

Lastly, we are pleased to announce a number of Sierra Club State Forest Summer Outings. These outings will give you a chance to get out into the Tillamook and Clatsop Forests, hike some of the beautiful trails, and visit some of the special places on these state lands. Upcoming hikes include:

Saturday, May 21 – Wilson River Trail; moderate, 6.6 miles round trip

Saturday, June 25 – Kings Mountain Trail; strenuous, 5.4 mile round trip, but worth it for the views!

Sunday, July 24 – Saddle Mountain Trail; strenuous, 5.9 mile round trip, a Tillamook forest icon. 

For more information on these hikes, contact or 503-238-0442 x304.

2 Responses to State Forest Protection Campaign Heats Up

  1. Sean Bevington says:

    I’m asking you to not increase the cut and to protect our old forests.
    That pretty much says it all.
    Thanks for paying attention.

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