Join us on August 12-14th for a weekend of camping at Waldo Lake
and help us launch our Waldo Protection Campaign!

Sisters Wilderness from South Twin Peak, photo by Larry Pennington.

About the Waldo Protection Campaign:
The Sierra Club’s Eastside Forest Committee has started a campaign to provide greater protection for the forest area east of Waldo Lake in Central Oregon. This area is contains much uncut old growth forest area and roadless areas, hosts the Pacific Crest Trail, and provides incredible vistas from the tops of The Twins, Maiden Peak, and Mount Fuji. However, the area is still unprotected. Waldo Lake is surrounded on the north and west by Wilderness Areas, but the area to the east was left out at the time the other Wilderness areas were designated.  Sierra Club believes this oversight should be corrected.

This weekend car campout is designed to introduce you to the area and treat you to its many attractions. We want you to get excited about preserving the area east of Waldo Lake as much as we are.

You’re Invited!
Everyone! We’re planning on campers from the Juniper (Bend), Many Rivers (Eugene), and Mary’s Peak (Corvallis) Sierra Club Groups. But we want to introduce the public to this fledgling campaign, so EVERYONE is invited.

Waldo Lake from Mount Fuji, photo by David Stowe.

Shadow Bay Campground:
The Waldo lake camp out to kick off our Waldo forest protection campaign is coming up on August 12-14 (Friday-Sunday) at the Shadow Bay Campground on the southern end of the lake. This group camp site is reserved for Friday and Saturday nights and will accommodate 30 people. There are additional single campsites available that accommodate 6 people each for $12 per night per campsite.

Itinerary and Hikes:
There will be a variety of hikes to accommodate different fitness levels and abilities so everyone has a chance to see a beautiful spot and enjoy the outing. Depending on the number of campers and available hike leaders, the number hikes will be expanded to accommodate everyone and provide a variety for different interests and abilities.

How to Register:
Our Waldo Preservation Coordinator, David Stowe, is organizing this weekend. To reserve a campsite in the Shadow Bay Campground group area, contact David. David can be reached by email at or by phone at 541 678-5662.

More Information:
For more information on the Waldo Campout, go to our Waldo Campout Weekend web page. And, go to the Waldo Lake Area Preservation Campaign page for details about Waldo Lake, its unique character, and the priceless beauty of the surrounding area that cry out for more protection from us humans.

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