State Legislative Update: Wolves, Forests, Weatherization and more

Ivan Maluski from the Sierra Club addresses a crowd of citizen lobbyists at the annual Oregon Conservation Network environmental lobby day in Salem on April 7, 2011.

The 2011 Oregon Legislative session has reached the halfway mark. As committees race to meet April deadlines for action on hundreds of bills, the level of intensity on environmental legislation has increased dramatically.

Unfortunately, there are far more environmental threats moving forward than good pro-environment legislation. By the end of the week of April 18, the Oregon House will have potentially passed legislation to make it easier to shoot Oregon’s wolves, make timber production the primary purpose of our state lands, and rollback of voter-approved protections for cougars. Other bills getting hearings include an effort to restrict the Department of Environmental Quality from implementing new water quality standards meant to protect public health, and legislation that would declare biomass energy to be ‘carbon neutral’ while exempting biomass energy producers from greenhouse gas reporting rules.

Meanwhile, legislation to ban single-use plastic bags appears to be stalled, as is a bill that would stimulate green job creation by requiring energy performance scores for all buildings. Legislation that would speed state wetland crossing permits for LNG pipelines passed the House earlier this session, and will likely be taken up in the Senate in May.

As the cold and rainy weather continues to linger in Oregon this spring, only a few bright spots are emerging at the Oregon legislature – a key initiative of Governor Kitzhaber’s to create jobs by weatherizing Oregon schools appears to be moving forward, as is a ban on the chemical BPA in certain children’s food containers.

There is no time like the present to make your voice heard for Oregon’s wolves, forests, clean water and the climate! Click on the links above to learn more information about the legislation mentioned and find out how you can take action TODAY!

6 Responses to State Legislative Update: Wolves, Forests, Weatherization and more

  1. Steve Snyder says:

    I feel we Oregonians should protect Wolves, Cougars and make the environment
    the main priority not logging. We need to pass a bill, banning plastic bags
    statewide too.

  2. Bette Koetz says:

    Let’s work to keep our State healthy, beautiful and ethical as stewards of this incredible planet.

    Let’s PRESERVE not KILL vital parts of our ecosystems.

    VOTE NO on HB 3562.

    Thanks for listening.

  3. Rebecca Lithman says:

    The majority of Oregonians are proud to have wolves and cougers.
    The world is here for all of us- not just humans.
    Please remember that you are employed by us, “we the people.”
    Thank you for protecting our wild life and wild lands- things that make Oregon special. You should look at setting up solar farms in Eastern Oregon where there is little rain. do something proactively for our real future
    that is healthy and positive. thank you.

  4. debbie says:

    It feels to me so simple…look 7 generations before you and 7 generations in the future then look to the decisions we need as a people to make. what legacy will we leave to the children of our present?

  5. Miss Lydia says:

    I agree, I recently did an essay on pollution, and I was amazed at the pollution our world creates! That is the reason I joined the Sierra club.

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