Ban the Bag Update

Last week the Sierra Club’s Marys Peak (Corvalis/Salem area) Group submitted to the Corvallis City Council, a Resolution in support of Senate Bill 536, which bans single-use checkout bags. The Council passed the Resolution on April 4th with a vote of 8 to 1.

The Resolution not only supports Senate Bill 536, it also states that “in the event that the 2011 Legislature does not adopt legislation … [to ban single-use checkout bags], the City council may consider enacting a local ordinance regulating single-use plastic and non-recycled paper checkout bags, including prohibiting such bags, mandating recycling of such bags or other restriction methods.”

A work session on SB 536 es expected to occur this Thursday in the Oregon Senate  to make some minor amendments, and then the bill will head to the Senate Rules committee.

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