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Dear Sierra Club supporter:

Every March, the Oregon Chapter launches our annual giving campaign. This is your chance, during this annual fundraising appeal, to make a donation directly to the Oregon Chapter and ensure that 100% of your donation will support our hard work right here in Oregon. Continuing the Sierra Club’s vigilant presence at the state capitol is more important now than ever, and your financial support is crucial to sustaining our work.  Please donate now – our work depends on you!

Right now, at our state capitol in Salem, the Sierra Club is:

Sierra Club volunteers advocate for clean air and clean water every day. Click on this image and support our work by making a donation to the Oregon Chapter today!

  • Leading the fight against proposals that would maximize logging and road-building on state lands at the expense of fish, wildlife, recreation, and clean water.  And we are championing a bill that would protect important conservation areas in our state forests;
  • Garnering support for legislation that would create green jobs across the state by making energy efficiency and weatherization upgrades to public and private buildings—reducing energy consumption, protecting the climate and our clean air, and saving money for Oregon schools, homeowners, and businesses;
  • Defending Oregon’s growing wolf population against efforts to remove them from the endangered species list and allow ranchers to shoot them on sight; and
  • Working to stop legislation that would fast-track state-issued permits for developers who want to build liquefied natural gas terminals and pipelines across rivers, streams and wetlands and threaten fisheries, farms and forests throughout Oregon.

Now more than ever, the Sierra Club’s Oregon Chapter needs your help. In 2011, your generous gift will help us:

  • Permanently protect important public places like eastern Oregon’s Owyhee Canyonlands, the remote forests surrounding Waldo Lake in central Oregon, critical salmon habitat in the Tillamook and Clatsop forests of northwest Oregon, and unprotected roadless areas around southern Oregon’s wild Rogue River.
  • Work with renewable energy companies and energy efficiency experts to help people in communities across Oregon make sustainable and cost-effective improvements to their homes and businesses.
  • Continue to battle and defeat irresponsible liquefied natural gas terminals along Oregon’s coast and halt hundreds of miles of proposed pipelines that would damage fertile farmland and pollute waterways across our state.

Your support today is a guaranteed investment toward the future of Oregon’s environment and our most special places. If you share our vision for a better Oregon—a vision of clear skies, old growth forests, free-flowing salmon-filled streams, and wide open vistas—please, join me in giving a gift of $50 or more today.

Together we can build a better and healthier Oregon!




Brian Pasko, Director
Oregon Chapter Sierra Club

P.S. The stakes have never been higher at the state legislature, and Oregon’s environment needs your help! If you can, give a gift of $50 or more today. Or, please consider a monthly recurring gift online at Every dollar you contribute to this appeal will go to support our efforts here in Oregon to fight polluters, educate elected officials, advance our policy agenda, and protect our state’s environment.

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