Add your voice and support marine reserves in Oregon!

“A network of Marine Reserves and Marine Protected Areas, if they are large enough to provide direct ecologic and economic benefits, will safeguard the beauty and bounty of our ocean for generations to come.” That is the message sent by these letter writers from the Mary’s Peak Group of the Oregon Sierra Club and the Our Ocean Coalition to their legislators and to Oregon’s Department of Fish and Wildlife. You too can add your voice in support to help create a network of Marine Reserves in Oregon’s Territorial Sea. Click here to send your comments today!
Our Marys Peak Group hosted a letter writing party in Corvallis this week.  They, along with many other virtual letter writers who participated on-line, sent hand written letters to their legislators and web comments to state agencies about the need to create marine reserves in Oregon. Sierra Club volunteers will also attend and comment at a state agency hearing in Newport next week. Photo by Ricardo Small from North Albany.

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