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Outdoor adventurers on a Sierra Club showshoe outing in the Mt. Hood National Forest.

Do you love being outdoors and want to help us fulfill our mission to explore enjoy and protect Oregon’s environment and precious public lands?  Each year Sierra Club volunteers lead over 100 outings to some of Oregon’s most special places — inspiring even more people to get involved and support the Sierra Club’s work in Oregon.

On President’s Day weekend (February 18-20), we’ll have a wonderful opportunity to get together with experiences and new outings leaders from around the state for both beginner and advanced leader trainings. Expenses for this training will be covered by the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club for approved participants.

Friday evening through Sunday afternoon we’ll be in heated cabins and meeting spaces at an attractive camp near Molalla.  Exact details are yet to be determined, but we expect people to be able to obtain their choice of two programs:

*You can take basic leader training (also known as OLT 101), plus first aid.   We expect the first aid to be an extended version of the usual Red Cross class, geared more to people in the out-of-doors and away from immediate 911 assistance (although it will not be full Wilderness First Aid training needed for leading backpacking trips with the Sierra Club). This combination will qualify new outings leader prospects to become certified outings leaders once they have co-lead an outing with an experienced Sierra Club outings leader.

*Or, you can obtain an advanced leader certification (also known as OLT 201, which includes an OLT 101 update. Sierra Club policy requires that all outings leaders need an OLT 101 update at least every four years.  This training will be more thorough and more fun than reading the book or taking the online course. Anyone thinking of leading backpacks or other away-from-cars overnight must have OLT 201 training at least once, as well as Wilderness First Aid (we will offer this later in 2011).

Who should attend this training?: All leaders and potential leaders would profit from and enjoy this training.   It will be leadership-oriented and good experience even for folks who don’t lead outings but want leadership training for other roles they may play in the Sierra Club. It is also a great opportunity to learn best practices and to get to know other Sierra Club Leaders from around the State.

If you are a current certified outings leader with the Sierra Club and are interested in participating, please e-mail our Chapter Outings Chair, Bruce Encke at  Include the subject line: “Sierra Club Leader training 201” along with your name, address, phone, and email.

We’re also looking to recruit new potential leaders from across the state to participate in this program and commit to leading outings for the Sierra Club in 2011. If you want to become a certified Sierra Club outings leader and help promote the Sierra Club’s work by helping people experience the out of doors, please fill out this short application form and a member of our outings team will contact you with more details.

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  1. Joan Harmony says:

    I am interested in the basic outings leader training. How can I apply? Cell # 503 781-9726

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