EPA: PGE Violating the Clean Air Act

It takes 72 railcars of coal extracted from open pit strip mines in the Powder River Basin on the Wyoming/Montana border to keep PGE's Boardman coal plant going each day.

Portland General Electric (PGE) started October with a rude awakening: a notice of violation of the Clean Air Act from the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for over a decade of excessive emissions at its PGE’s Boardman coal fired power plant.


The EPA’s notice of violation backs up major points in a lawsuit filed against PGE by the Sierra Club and our allies back in 2008. Seems the EPA agrees that major upgrades made to the coal plant in 1998 and 2004 allowed the company to increase output harmful pollution, and thus required the installation of scrubbers to contain toxic emissions like sulfur dioxide, a contributor to acid rain and respiratory problems like asthma.

The EPA’s action comes on the heels of strong comments from both the US Forest Service and National Park Service, critical of the analysis PGE has developed to try to extend the life of the plant until late 2020 with limited pollution controls.

Please contact Governor Kulongoski TODAY and urge him to help close the Boardman coal plant as soon as possible.

One Response to EPA: PGE Violating the Clean Air Act

  1. Chris bentley says:

    Is there some reason the projects that triggered NSR are not listed here or listed in readily available documents? Ball I can find so far are two projects which increased efficiency through loss reduction. What caused the reported SO2 increase?


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