The Sierra Club Steps Up for Honeybees

By Conservation Chair Heidi Dahlin
Recently I was asked, “What is the Sierra Club doing about the honeybee crisis?” Of course I was aware of colony collapse, but I didn’t have a good answer. After attending the world premier of Queen of the Sun at the Hollywood Theater in Portland Friday night, I can give a better answer.
Colony collapse has many factors involved, but one way the Sierra Club is helping the honeybee is in habitat protection. The High Desert Committee is currently leading a campaign to protect the Owyhee Canyonlands in the southeast corner of Oregon. Over two million acres of wild public land is waiting for permanent protection. One of the reasons to protect these large tracts of sagebrush steppe is for the honeybee. Even in the desert, native species such as sage, rabbitbrush and willow provide pollen to feed honeybees, allowing native colonies to survive. Protecting the Owyhee area is like designating a sanctuary for native bee colonies.
Another way the Sierra Club is working for honeybees is by being a sponsor of the new movie Queen of the Sun, directed and produced by Taggart Siegel, who gave us The Real Dirt on Farmer John. This movie is a visual delight as well as telling the story of honeybees and how we can help save them, which will, in turn, save us. The Queen of the Sun is playing at the Hollywood Theater in Portland through at least October 4th, and I encourage you to see this important movie.
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