Introducing the 2010 Oregon Sierra Club House Concert Series!

Sierra Club’s Oregon Chapter is launching a grass roots house concert series during the months of September and October. We are recruiting both hosts and performers for this series. The purpose of this series is to:

    • Inform Oregonians of the threats to the natural world, our health, and our communities, and the work that the Oregon Chapter is doing to protect and restore them.
    • Enlist our fellow Oregonians in this important work.
    • Raise funds to support the work of Oregon Chapter volunteers and staff (See “Why house concerts are important” below).
    • Have fun!

If you are a performer and would like to play at an Oregon Chapter House Concert, please see “How to Sign-up as a House Concert Performer”

How to Host a House Concert

It’s easy! Just follow these steps:

    • Inform the Oregon Chapter that you are interested in hosting a house concert by sending to us the required house concert host information (See below).
    • An Oregon Chapter house concert planning volunteer will contact you to schedule your event and to line up a performer.
    • Follow the Oregon Chapter House Concert Recipe: invite guests, make follow-up calls, provide refreshments, and then relax and enjoy the music!

We will provide all the information that you need to host a successful event. A Chapter volunteer leader or staff person will be on-hand at the event to inform your guests of the vitally important work of the Oregon Chapter and to make the fundraising pitch. All you really need to work on is getting guests to your event, providing a venue (usually your home), and providing refreshments.

Get started today! Send an email to or call us at 503-238-0442. Please include the following information:

    Your name
    Your address
    The address of your venue if it is different than your home.
    Your phone number and the best time for us to contact you
    Your email address
    At least two dates (a primary and at least on alternate) when you can host a concert
    The maximum number of people your house or venue can hold
    Any preferences regarding type of music or performers (See Oregon Chapter House Concert Performers below)

How to Sign-up As a House Concert Performer

If you play acoustic music or tell amazing stories and are interested in performing at a Sierra Club house concert fundraiser in Oregon during the 2010 fall house concert series please:

Send an email to or call us at 503-238-0442. Please include the following information:

    Provide your full name and contact information
    A very short bio, and small photo if you have it
    Availability during the months of September and October 2010
    A link to any music samples or websites.

House concert artists will get a free one-year Sierra Club membership.

Why are house concerts are important to the Oregon Chapter’s fundraising efforts?

The Oregon Chapter represents nearly 20,000 Sierra Club members in Oregon and has worked to protect Oregon’s environment and natural resources since 1978. Our four staff and hundreds of dedicated volunteers work diligently to protect Oregon’s wild forests and high deserts, stop reckless liquefied natural gas pipelines and terminals, and fight for clean energy solutions. Additionally, we maintain a professional presence at the state capitol and are active in efforts to influence legislative and administrative decisions that impact Oregon’s environment. The Oregon Chapter also conducts a wide array of activities that engage members and the general public in efforts to explore, enjoy and protect our shared environment; including outdoor hikes, service activities, community forums, and research efforts.

The Oregon Chapter has a well earned a reputation for winning important conservation victories, but those victories don’t come without a cost – both human and financial. While much of our work is bolstered through the dedication of our volunteers, the reality is that volunteer time can’t be used to pay our rent, telephone bills, or our lobbyists work at the capitol. At the end of the day, our success depends on the generous donations of our members and supporters. YOU can play an integral role in advancing Sierra Club’s work in Oregon – simply by performing for, or hosting, Sierra club members, friends and interested parties this fall.

Oregon Chapter House Concert Performers (more to follow!)

Larry Murante

Matt Meighan

Alexa Wiley

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