Congratulations Oregon Coal Fighters!

Because of your overwhelming support for a clean energy future the Northwest Power and Conservation Council finalized its 6th Plan that calls for meeting 85% of the Northwest’s future energy needs with energy efficiency, and shows us a path to phase out coal.

The 6th Plan takes a significant step toward a future fueled by clean energy instead of the dirtiest and most dangerous source of power available today– coal.  The analysis clearly demonstrates that the Northwest can meet its goals for reducing dangerous pollution by phasing out at least half of the region’s coal plants, including those supplying power from outside the region, by 2020.  Though the plan falls short by ignoring this important analysis in its official recommendations, the Sixth Plan demonstrates that a future without coal is possible.

Throughout the NWPCC’s Sixth Plan review process, grassroots activists packed hearing rooms in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington to offer comments and urge members of the NWPCC to finally address the hazardous effects of using coal to generate power.   We had a great presence at the hearings in Eugene and Portland where over 250 Sierra Club members and other activists overfilled the hearing rooms and demanded a coal-free future.  Thanks to everyone who came to the hearings and sent in comments.

Click here for more information on the 6th Power Plan

Click here to view the Sierra Club’s press release:

Hard work is left to be done, but this should be seen as the beginning of the end for coal plants in the Northwest.


Robin Everett and Cesia Kearns
Beyond Coal Team

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