Vote Yes on Measures 66 and 67 by Jan. 26!

The Oregon Sierra Club is supporting Measures 66 & 67 during the January 26 special election.

You should have just received your ballot. Because of Oregon’s vote-by-mail system, all you have to do is complete and mail in your election ballot early … and you will be removed from campaign calling lists! So, vote YES and return your ballot today!

Show your support and sign up to help out with the Sierra Club’s efforts to pass Measures 66 & 67 by filling out our volunteer form. Hundreds of volunteers are needed to canvass in the Portland area on Monday, January 18 and phonebank during the evenings over the next several days. Your help is needed now!

Why would the Sierra Club and a large coalition of environmental groups be urging you to Vote YES on Measures 66 & 67? Because in the face of steep budget cuts, by passing Measures 66 & 67, we can help ensure that environmental safeguards we currently enjoy are not sacrificed due to a lack of state funding. By passing Measures 66 & 67 we can:

  1. Adequately fund state agencies that are charged with protecting Oregon’s clean air and clean water.
  2. Fund innovative programs that are creating jobs in energy efficiency and sustainable renewable energy to help combat climate change.
  3. Help ensure the strong enforcement of environmental laws and hold timber companies and industrial polluters accountable.

Measure 66 would provide a small increase in taxes on households that earn over $250,000 per year. 98% of Oregonians would see no tax increase from this measure. In fact, 270,000 Oregonians receiving unemployment benefits would actually get a tax break.

Measure 67 would raises the annual corporate ‘minimum tax’ above its paltry $10 level for the first time since 1931. 88% percent of Oregon’s businesses – mostly small – would pay only $150 per year under Measure 67. Large corporations would end up paying just 1/10 of 1% of their Oregon revenues in new taxes, a much fairer formula than the current $10 per year.

Together, these tax-fairness measures would contribute nearly $730 million to the state’s budget, plus help Oregon receive more than $200 million in federal matching funds. If these measures fail, steep budget cuts to programs from education to environmental quality will be soon to follow.

The opposition  to Measures 66 & 67 gives us a good clue who stands to benefit if these measures fail: Oregon’s largest industrial polluters (over $290,000 in contributions), Oregon’s biggest timber companies (over $300,000), and a number of oil and petroleum companies ($100,000).

Please vote early and fill out the Sierra Club’s volunteer form to let us know you’d like to get involved and plan to VOTE YES for Oregon!

You can also send us an email here to sign up to help out or get more information.

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