D5: Mobilization Against the World Trade Organization

Join the Oregon Sierra Club and our partners for a March to the World Trade Center on
Saturday, December 5th * Downtown Portland

12:00 Noon – Gather at Tom McCall Waterfront Park (under the Hawthorne Bridge)
1:00 pm – March to the World Trade Center, Federal Building and Wells Fargo Building
2:00 pm – Indoor Rally and Concert at Portland State University

As part of the global days of action against the new World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations, people from across the Pacific Northwest will be converging in downtown Portland to speak out against the proposed expansion of failed “free trade” policies and to demand the prioritization of human needs over corporate greed.

That week, the World Trade Organization will be holding its largest negotiations on international trade and investment in many years.  During the new WTO conference, government officials and corporate lobbyists will be promoting the expansion of business-as-usual trade policies as a solution to, rather than a cause of, the economic and climate crises.  On their agenda is the expansion of pacts that would:

* Cause further offshoring of industry to countries with weaker environmental standards
* Force global warming policies to conform with restrictive commercial agreements
* Expand agricultural practices that push small farmers off their land and force migration
* Require countries to accept imported foods and consumer goods that fail to meet local safety standards

We need to fight back.  This latest WTO conference — only the fourth in the past decade — falls on the exact 10-year anniversary of the hugely-successful Seattle WTO protests.  It is time to reclaim the “Spirit of Seattle,” come together as affected communities and take control over the policy decisions that affect our economic and ecological well-being.  As part of this resistance, a broad coalition of over 60 environmental, labor, faith, human rights and community organizations across Oregon are organizing a large-scale march and indoor rally in Portland for Saturday, December 5, 2009.  More than 200 similar events are being held around the country, and hundreds more around the globe.

Join the global movement saying “NO” to the WTO by participating in the “D5” march and rally.  For information on buses and caravans, volunteer opportunities, educational events and other background items, please visit: www.december5.org

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