Hey Northwest Natural!

The Northwest Natural gas company has proposed developing the controversial Palomar Pipeline, which would carry imported fossil fuel from a proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminal near the mouth of the Columbia River, across Mt. Hood, to a California-bound gas pipeline in central Oregon.

The Palomar pipeline would stretch over 200 miles from the mouth of the Columbia River to Central Oregon, forever damaging family-owned farms and forestlands, threatening hundreds of rivers and streams including the Wild and Scenic Clackamas River, and creating a 120 foot-wide, 47 mile-long clearcut across the Mt. Hood National Forest.

Click here to  can learn more about the Palomar Pipeline and the Sierra Club’s efforts to stop LNG in Oregon.

This past week, the Sierra Club and our conservation partners released a video and launched a corporate accountability campaign to say “Hey Northwest Natural – Stop the Palomar Pipeline!”:

3 Responses to Hey Northwest Natural!

  1. Eugene Blank says:

    I agree with the farmers. We do not need natural gas lines across our fertile fields.

  2. Devon Bond says:

    Getting gas to California is not worth destroying wilderness and farms along the way.

  3. Daniel Senic says:

    I understand that the LNG in question here would be mainly to serve the California energy market.

    I see no reason to destroy Oregon’s beauty (I think Oregon is one of God’s masterpieces) when California has abundant solar resources to easily meet whatever energy demand could be met by this LNG pipeline.

    Not only does California have abundant solar resources, it also has more than enough rooftops that utility companies there could lease from homeowners to put up solar systems without having to clear any land to put up utility scale solar systems. LIPA from Long Island New York is already successfully doing so.

    Why can’t California that claims to be so progressive help meet its energy demand that way?

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