Model retrofit program established in Portland, Oregon

On Wednesday, September 30, Portland City Council adopted a resolution to establish a Community Workforce Agreement for the energy retrofit of 500 homes – a pilot program for a county-wide, 100,000-home retrofit plan. This agreement provides that, as the city ramps up its retrofit program, there are high standards for the work being done.

Thanks to the time and energy of the Sierra Club’s Oregon Chapter and our Clean Energy Solutions Campaign, Portland’s 500-home pilot retrofit program is now not only an innovative new program for improving our aging and inefficient homes (the plan includes providing long-term, low-interest loans that can be repaid on household utility bills), but it is a national model for quickly and effectively ramping up an emerging clean energy industry while delivering local economic benefits and family-supporting green careers.

Sierra Club representatives participated in stakeholder meetings at the local level, working with community partners to deliver strong quality work standards and career pathways for residents of low-income neighborhoods into good, green jobs.

Click here to check out the Clean Energy Works Portland website!

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