Sierra Club Volunteers Rally at LNG Shareholder Meeting

Protestors March Outside the Convention CenterOn May 28th, Sierra Club volunteers joined a rally against a proposed liquefied natural gas facility in Oregon. A crowd gathered outside the Convention Center in Portland where NW Natural was holding its yearly shareholder’s meeting. People carried signs that read “No Pipeline” and “Protect the Columbia River.” The crowd chanted “Protect Mt. Hood, No LNG.”

The Sierra Club opposes NW Natural’s plan to build two LNG terminals along the Oregon coast and over 500 miles of pipeline throughout the state. The proposed terminals would endanger key habitats at the base of the Columbia River and in Coos Bay; while the pipeline would threaten forests and rivers all cross the state. Click here for more in-depth information on the issues associated with Liquefied Natural Gas in Oregon.

One Response to Sierra Club Volunteers Rally at LNG Shareholder Meeting

  1. Chris Hockema says:

    NW Natural has nothing to do with the LNG Terminals that are proposed. With that said, the terminals would have little or no environmental impact. LNG is not an explosive liquid. Unlike propane,(which is heavier than air, so it stays at ground level) natural gas is lighter than air, so it rises away. Natural gas also, in order to be flamable, must comprise between 15-24% of the atmosphere. The chances that this occures, particularly in windy areas, is extremely unlikely. I believe that we should do everything possible to protect the environment, but not at the cost of our lively hood.

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