LNG Update – April 24

A hearing was held on HB 2015 on April 16. Unfortunately, the time was dominated by testimony and legislative questioning of a representative of Texas-based NorthernStar Natural Gas, which is seeking permission to build the Bradwood Landing LNG terminal along the Columbia River and the Palomar pipeline across the Mt. Hood National F orest. Though the room was packed with both opponents and proponents of HB 2015, there was very limited time allowed for public testimony.

After this hearing, and to the great disappointment of LNG opponents who supported HB 2015, Sustainability Committee Chair Tobias Read declined to continue public hearings on the bill or put it to the committee for a vote, potentially killing this legislation for the session.

Now, the major effort on LNG in the Oregon legislature has shifted to HB 3058, a bill to allow LNG companies to apply for wetland fill removal permits before getting permission from landowners, in order to speed the process of building LNG pipelines across Oregon’s farms, forests and rivers.

With three LNG companies proposing to build roughly 600 miles of pipelines that include dozens, if not hundreds, of wetland, river and stream crossings, HB 3058 would be a major step backwards.

HB 3058 has a final vote in the House Sustainaibility Committee on Tuesday, April 28 at noon. Click here to send an email to your state Representative in opposition to HB 3058.

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