LNG Bill set for hearing

HB 2015, the LNG Public Protection Act, is up for its first public hearing in the Oregon Legislature on Thursday, April 16.

Your help is needed to make sure the House Sustainability and Economic Development Committee passes this bill. Send a quick email to your legislature in support of HB 2015 by clicking here.

LNG is different from domestic natural gas. Its 20 – 30% more greenhouse gas intensive, and it would be imported from far way, and sometimes unfriendly, places like Russia, Qatar and Iran.

Oregon is currently threatened by three proposed LNG import terminals and hundreds of miles of pipelines that would cross high value farmland, forests and dozens of rivers and streams. The Palomar pipeline would cut a 47-mile swath across the Mt. Hood National Forest including the Wild and Scenic Clackamas River, the Deschutes River, and Fish Creek, recently designated as Wild and Scenic by the Omnibus Public Lands Act signed into law by President Obama.  LNG pipelines have proven highly controversial among local citizens and goverments.

Its time for Oregon to stand up for itself in the debate over LNG by passing HB 2015.

One Response to LNG Bill set for hearing

  1. imaluski says:


    A hearing was held on HB 2015 on April 16. Unfortunately, the time was dominated by testimony and legislative questioning of a representative of NorthernStar Natural Gas, who are seeking permission to build the Bradwood Landing LNG terminal along the Columbia River. Though the room was packed with both opponents and proponents of HB 2015, there was very limited time allowed for public testimony.

    After this hearing, and to the great disappointment of LNG opponents who supported HB 2015, Sustainability Committee Chair Tobias Read declined to continue public hearings on the bill or put it to the committee for a vote, potentially killing this legislation for the session.

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