Omnibus Lands Bill Signed Into Law

 After years of being stalled and delayed, all your hard work has paid off and we finally have reason to celebrate: the omnibus public lands bill was signed into law on Monday by President Obama.

H.R. 146 The Omnibus Public Land Management Act passed its final hurdle in the House of Representatives last Wednesday by a vote of 285-140. The large package of over 160 bills will designate more than 2 million acres as wilderness. Much of this is in California but significant plots are also in Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia, New Mexico, and Michigan. It is easily the most important lands protection legislation in decades.

We cannot thank you enough for all the tireless work and support without which this historic win would not have been possibleAmericans now have more protected lands and rivers, more places to explore, and wildlife has more space and ability to adapt to the warming climate. The Sierra Club’s own Director of the Lands Protection Program Athan Manuel was invited to the White House to witness the President sign the bill into law.

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