Wilderness Bill Passes Congress – Obama Expected to Sign Law that Protects 200,000 acres in Oregon!

Statement of Ivan Maluski, Conservation Coordinator for the Oregon Chapter Sierra Club on the passage of Omnibus Wilderness Bill Protecting 200,000 acres in Oregon:

“Today is a victory for wild forests, wild rivers and wild deserts across Oregon. The passage of the Omnibus Public Lands Act by the U.S. House of Representatives is cause for celebration for all Oregonians who enjoy clean water, wilderness, outdoor recreation, and fishing and hunting opportunities. Oregonians can be very proud of our entire Congressional delegation for supporting these efforts. While all of the wilderness areas and wild rivers in Oregon protected by this legislation enjoyed broad public support, the critical ingredient was the leadership, perseverance and vision of Senator Wyden, Congressman Blumenauer, Congressman DeFazio, Congressman Walden, and Congressman Wu. Newly elected Senator Merkley and Congressman Schrader also deserve great credit for their votes in support of this ‘good for Oregon’ legislation that has been painstakingly crafted and debated in Congress since 2004. The Sierra Club looks forward to continuing to work with our entire Congressional delegation in support of the protection of roadless areas, old growth forests, new wilderness areas and new wild and scenic rivers in the coming months and years.”

“In addition to strong new protections for 200,000 acres in Oregon, this victory today is of national significance, and this bill has been actively supported by Sierra Club members across the country who have worked to pass this legislation to protect important lands and waters nationwide for future generations.”

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