We need your help now to designate new Wilderness in Oregon!

The Omnibus Public Land Management Act, may come up for a vote tomorrow in the House of Representatives. We expect the bill to be brought up under suspension meaning we need a two-thirds majority – or 290 votes – to win. We need your help now!

This bill will protect more than 2 million acres of wilderness in nine states. In Oregon, 202,000 acres of wildernesswould be designated on Mt. Hood, Badlands, Spring Basin, Copper Salmon and in Cascade Siskiyou National Monument (which would also see a grazing permit buyout), and there would be additions to the Oregon Caves National Monument. Other provisions would designate ten new National Heritage Areas, protect hundreds of miles of free-flowing rivers in six states, establish a 26-million-acre national conservation system, and protect over a million acres of Wyoming for hunting and fishing. This would be the greatest expansion of the National Wilderness Preservation System in 15 years.

Please call your Representative and tell him to vote Yes on S. 22. -The Omnibus Public Land Management Act!

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