Will you add your photo and tell the EPA we want clean cars?

photos2Would you like the option to buy cleaner cars in Oregon? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now considering whether to reverse the Bush administration’s decision to block states from implementing standards to cut global warming emissions from our vehicles (which will also make them go farther on a gallon of gas).

The EPA is holding the hearing next Thursday, and since most folks can’t go to DC in person, we’re organizing a photo petition to make sure that they see for themselves that tens of thousands of Americans from across the country are clamoring for cleaner cars.

Click here to help tell the Obama administration that they hold the keys to cleaner cars!   Next week, we’ll be delivering photos of Sierra Club supporters from around the country holding car keys and saying, “EPA is the key to cleaner cars.” Will you add your photo and tell the EPA we want clean cars?

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