Capping Carbon Emissions in Oregon

Cap and Trade? Cap and Auction? Cap and Invest? Carbon Taxes? Doing Nothing?

What do you think is the best strategy for the Oregon Legislature to take tackle climate change while creating green jobs?

The Sierra Club is advocating for legislation such as SB 80, which would kick off a two-year public process to hash out the details of a cap-and-trade or cap-and-auction system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We are also supporting HB 2186, which would establish a low carbon fuel standard and implement steps to ensure greater fuel efficiency while encouraging low and zero emissions vehicles.

We’ve got an action alert so you can send an email to your legislator in support of SB 80 and HB 2186 right now.

Another bill we are working is HB 2626. This bill would expand state loan programs for energy efficiency retrofits and provide up-front financing for homeowners and businesses, allowing them to repay efficiency upgrades on a monthly basis.

The Legislature is only in session until July 1. We are pursuing the legislation described above and need your support, but we’d love to hear from you on what you think the best strategies to tackle global warming are.

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