Help us Seize this Opportunity!

     If you are like me, your hopes and dreams were realized on Election Day.  After the Bush Administration’s eight-year siege on the environment, Oregon Sierra Club volunteers snatched victory by mobilizing thousands of Oregonians who helped elect a wave of environmental champions to all levels of public office.


     But, while the political tides are turning, the challenges we face are still great.  Oregon’s old-growth forests remain endangered by Bush-era policies that could take decades to reverse.  Our family farms and fisheries are threatened by reckless liquefied natural gas proposals.  Our wild, high deserts are increasingly vulnerable to mining and development activities.  And, even though mainstream politicians have vowed to tackle global warming, more than 40% of Oregon’s electricity is still generated by burning dirty coal.


     Now more than ever, the Oregon Sierra Club needs your financial contribution to help us advance a bold vision for real change in our state.  Times are tough for many of us, and that makes your gift even more important. Together, we have an unprecedented opportunity to capture the momentum of people from across Oregon to protect our wild forests and high deserts, stop the construction of foolish LNG terminals and pipelines, and fight for clean and responsible energy solutions.  With nearly 20,000 members, hundreds of volunteers and eight dedicated staff in Oregon, the Sierra Club is uniquely qualified to harness this grassroots power, rekindle our resolve, and dare to make Oregon a better place.


    Please join me today in making an important investment in the protection of Oregon’s air, water, and special places. You can give online at


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