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The Sierra Club is the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots organization for a reason – our volunteers are an integral part of everything we do!  Whether you’re interested in attending a meeting, tabling at an event, analyzing policy, helping us fund raise, or lending your handy skills around the office, there’s a place for you!

Below are a few things we’re looking for some specific help with right now, but there’s always plenty of work to be done!  If you don’t see something that interests below, please fill out our volunteer form and let us know how you can help!


Political Team Members. Are you interested in becoming involved in political issues relating to the environment or supporting a candidate for election? How about engaging in lobbying your legislator? In Salem area: Contact Mary’s Peak Group Vice Chair Debra Higbee at In Portland area: Contact Oregon Chapter Political Chair Christine Lewis at


Conservation/Sustainability Chair for Mary’s Peak Group. Are you an organizer who is interested in environmental issues? We need you to help develop a team to attend meetings of government agencies to monitor their activities and testify at hearings, as well as come up with and implement creative local conservation projects. Contact Bruce Encke at or 541-812-1783.

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  1. Edie Koenig says:

    With regard to the Jordan Cove project: An article on Wikipedia says that the purpose of the pipeline is to bring in natural gas, not to export it. It says the liquid natural gas will be re-gasified and stored at Coos Bay before flowing into the pipeline. A lot of the Wikipedia writer’s sources were from the company proposing the project, so who do I believe? If there is to be gas exported, where will it come from (where will fracking take place)? I note that the pipeline, according to the Oregon DEQ, will hook up to an existing north-south pipeline. Is it just that you fear or assume that the gas will flow out, while the company says it will flow in? More information, please.

  2. Sheylyn says:

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  3. Jordan Cove Energy Project: My land runs 5 miles from the proposed pipeline. I have inherited 64 acres of rough mountain land along the South Umpqua. This land had been homesteaded by my Great Grandparent and I have dreamed of living on this land with the pure water and clean air. I have spent thousands of dollars working on obtaining land and building permits and Won’t move forwards on building my dream house while there is a chance there will be the LNG pipeline coming through my area…. I came from the Chicago area; Sauk Village; where the water was literally poisoned with Vinyl Chloride and the air so thick with Pollution it’s hard to see two city blocks Please don’t let ‘Progress’ and Tainted Money-Grabbers RUIN this Beautiful PURE Land I love!
    I Understand the South Umpqua River was a Motorcycle Scenic Route, Why is this Pipeline even being considered as it would totally Ruin the Incredible views this Spectacular and Rugged Mountainous area..
    From my research; I feel only reason that the Williams Pipeline company agreed to the Import rule was to get their foot in the door. They had always intended to be an export company.
    This will not benefit Any Oregonian residents, not one Permanent job will be offered to anyone other than to an Oklahomans who knows about Pipelines
    There is NO good that become of having this pipeline run thru Oregon’s Pristine Land..
    Proof: This is prime area for Earthquakes. There have been ENOUGH Pipeline disasters; we don’t need to Make the news being another one.. That is IF They decide to dis-close it to the public
    This is Incredibly rugged terrain with Mother Nature at her Finest; very difficult to build on the side of a Rock Mountain! Slides are a common occurrence. Do we really want this dangerous Time Bomb on our Properties?? I think Not. I didn’t see anyone on the Jordan Cove Project at the meeting that was Living in Oregon!! . ..
    It would be going thru resident’s back yards, agricultural fields and farms.
    Sorry, I feel better now..
    These are the printed things that have made your table before.. I am hoping someone will finally listen and protect us; the little people from the Gas Mongers and Bankers that are so willing to “Take a Chance” with Oregonians lives here.. It is about LIFE.. It’s a choice that I made to come here for clean air and pure water. A choice to come here to be in the mountains with No sign of Mankind’s Skyscrapers and Toxic Smoke and Pipelines and the Damage they create; nothing but Trees and Farms.

  4. Fred says:

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